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          China Beijing Hangton Test Instruments Co., Ltd was specialized in the research and manufacturing of bitumen test equipment, asphalt test equipment, asphalt mixture test equipment, soil test equipment, UTM test machine, aggregate test equipment, cement and concrete test equipment.
           Established at 1996, and aim at being the China first class bitumen, asphalt test equipment, soil, cement and concrete test equipment manufacturer. Our mission is to offer our client a better cost effective solution, to offer our client a better choice upon lab test equipment.
           Our company facility located at Cangzhou, China, and cover a 12,000 ㎡ land, and 4 works shops more than 9000 ㎡. There about 150 worker and 20 of them and R&D staff, as we believe, the R&D is the most strong strength of company development. Only with advanced design and professional team can make a win-win situation with our client all over the world.
           We have 6 production line and more than 15 sets of mechanical processing center and professional operators to satisfy our production capacity and make a better quality control of the major parts of our equipments.
           Until now, as China top 3 asphalt and bitumen test equipment manufacturer, our product produced according to the international ASTM, ISO,GB standards etc. Our bitumen test equipment, soil test equipment has a big domestic market share and our bitumen, asphalt test equipment; universal test machine has been exported to Asian, Middle East, South American, and African, and Australian market.
           Advanced design, fully traceability of production process, 100% quality control, on time delivery, is our promise to our customer. We are looking forward to work with you, and make a more precision test, make a better science and a better world together.

          Majiapu Road(W),Beijing